Sunday, June 25, 2017

Define Your Dash # 25: Occasions I Celebrate Each Year

New Years: We sleep in and sometime hike. Nothing super dramatic.

MLK day. We celebrate by eating ice cream and other dairy products because Alisha and I once looked at the calendar and thought it said milk day.

Valentines Day: I have always liked Valentines Day because there has always been chocolate involved. When I was little my parents would give us secret Valentines. Now that we have our own house we build a fort, eat pizza in it, and watch a movie (as a family).

St. Patrick's Day: We celebrate my dads birthday and Links birthday.

Easter: Big dinner with the family and an Easter egg hunt for the kids (not necessarily on the same day).

Fourth of July: Fireworks, home made ice cream, danger of some kind, traditionally but not always with the Conders.

September 4th: My birthday (what happens changes).

Halloween: Ward Halloween party, costumes, pass out treats, eat pizza with my family.

Thanksgiving: Turkey and Family very traditional.

December 4th: Nicks birthday

Christmas: Varies but we always see a lot of family. Sometimes we stay home sometimes we go to Arizona. I prefer Arizona because I don't love having a white Christmas. I prefer eating dinner on the deck.

New Years Eve: Fireworks and cheeseball :)

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