Sunday, June 11, 2017

Define Your Dash # 23: Most Beloved Teacher

Narrowing down the many teachers I have had to a favorite is kind of an impossible task. Is this questions referring to school teachers, or church teachers, or family members? I dunno. . . So here are my top five favorite teachers.

1. Mom
Lets be real. If you are lucky enough to have a parent who gives up their career and life as they know it to stay home and raise you, then that person is going to have a more profound impact on the person you become than almost any other (even if it is just by the default of accumulated hours spent together). That person is your primary example, your playmate, your teacher, and many other things. I was lucky enough to have a mom that not only gave me her time and attention but the benefit of her teaching skills. I knew I was loved, I was taught many things (spiritual, physical, emotional, and academic), and was set a wonderful example to follow (and still do). Mom is my most beloved teacher.

2. Dad
Dad was my other most beloved teacher. He wasn't home with me constantly like mom was but it was because of dad that mom could be there. That in itself was a huge gift and sacrifice on his part. Nick and I were just discussing the possibility of me working and he told me that no amount of money would be worth missing the time that I could be with Link. He told me that going back to work after Link was born was one of the hardest things he has done but he did it because he knew it would keep me home.
My point: My dad was not my primary teacher but he set an excellent example of love and hard work by letting my mom be that person. And, even though he was not home with me all of the time he made our family the priority and I learned many things by watching and talking with him over the years as well.

3. Mr. Hunter
Fourth grade teacher extraordinaire. He was not an especially good academic teacher but I learned more from him socially than I did from any other teacher in my public education. He made us sing, and play, and gave us nick names. He loved art and very much encouraged everyone's creative side. And, he helped us cheat on every spelling test all year (I am not lauding that just reminiscing).

4. Mrs. Boulton
Twelfth grade AP Lit teacher. Academically this woman taught me more about insight and writing then any other has (I know you wouldn't know it from this blog). She pushed us and molded us and taught her subject so explicitly that it was difficult to miss what she wanted us to know.

5. Pat Swenson
Young women's leader. Now, I can't tell you what she taught me exactly but I know that she always supported me and listened to me. Sometimes after sitting through an 8 hour day of being talked at, it's nice to have an adult who will just listen and help and support. The support is what I remember and sometimes that makes the best teacher.

6. Bonus: Lauren Liang
College professor. Made me feel like I could do it (education, teaching, numerous other career options, graduate, etc.). Loved her subject. Made us love her subject (children's literature). Knew me as an individual (that makes a world of difference in college).

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