Sunday, June 4, 2017

Define Your Dash # 21: Dabbling in Many Hobbies

Okay, so the prompt this week is, do you like to dabble in lots of different hobbies? If so what are they?

I feel like this is my life. I would like to say I'm a jack-of-all-trades but I don't think that would be accurate. They seem to have many useful skills. I'm more like a Bob-of-all-trades (Bob is Jack's less useful younger brother who has excellent test taking skills but can't convert his book learning to anything practical. But, Bob is highly ambitious, would like to know how to do many things, and just can't seem to settle. So, here is a list of my many many hobbies.

Bam. Other than, you know, Link and Nick. . .hiking is my hobby. I love being in those mountains and breathing fresh air and climbing on boulders (I kid you not). Thank goodness I have a mom who loves it as much as I do.
I am getting so buff from this backpack!

I love a good book but my time is limited right now. There have been times in my life when I have read multiple books in a week. Currently I'm lucky if I can read one or two a month.

I read this like eight times yesterday . . . not to make you jealous or anything.

Thanks to me mum, I have grown up doing arts and crafts in all forms and thoroughly enjoy them. I even completed a whole year of art school before I decided I wasn't talented enough at it to make a career (especially in the bottom of the recession). Life is tough. I picked money over art and went into teaching (stellar choice btw). . .
Despite nixing it as a career I still enjoy painting and crafts. However, I have not been able to do much in the way of creating a piece since Link got tall enough to reach the table.

My basement wall full of art from "the good old days" 

Super Creepy Nic Cage Pillow. . . Yes, I knew you were wondering.

Bike Riding
Tricky with Link but he seems to like it if we go before his trailer turns into an oven.

I suck at gardening but keep trying. I will one day have a beautiful yard full of living plants that are not weeds. For now, I'm happy if Link isn't eating dirt while I endlessly weed our giant three plant garden.

Home D├ęcor
I enjoy this but feel that I have unusual taste. Mostly I like bright colors and tree themed things. I'm not so much a beige decorator (I'm not one hundred percent sure what beige is). I knew I was in good company however, when Nick asked if we could paint a room teal. Our house is going to be tricky to sell one day . . . it's very much us.

Graphic Design
I desperately want to be good at this but apparently not enough to pay big bucks. I'm more of a free training skip the pitch at the end kind of girl. This was what I was going to start after my one year of art school but the U's program scared me away for multiple reasons. Right now I am learning more than I have in years but I can't do anything to technical.

I have several blogs (this one included). I enjoy putting my thoughts down and improving my writing. One day perhaps, I will be typo free. This blog is primarily a journal. I share most of my stuff but I do have a handful of posts that just sit there waiting to embarrass me in front of my posterity. I have a blog I wrote with Alisha about Thailand. I have a blog that I have written for Lincoln that chronicles the experiences I have had being his mom. And, I just started a blog that I hope to monetize eventually called Mommy Practice (this has led to a new host of hobbies).

This has always been a casual interest but I have been paying more attention to it since I started the blog. I think I may buy a camera not attached to a phone someday. . .I know, I'm getting serious. I'm not in a hurry though and want to learn a lot more about both cameras and photography before doing anything rash.

Social Media Marketing
Is only a hobby based on the definition that a hobby is something you spend your free time doing. I don't love it but it has been fun to learn about a concept that I never got to hit on in school. When I started my other blog I actually had to make a Twitter and Instagram account because I had never bothered to use them . . .

Community Service
One of my goals this year has been to find more ways to serve. More than anything else that has meant feeding people (missionaries, new moms, new members, etc.). However, I have also been able to participate in teaching some English classes to immigrants and refugees.

I freaking love cupcakes (and books in which the main character makes cupcakes. . .I know weird). But it is a dangerous hobby. When Link was first born I made a new gourmet cupcake recipe every week for months (which made me gain back the baby weight that I had already lost, how annoying is that). So, I have to make them sparingly now since it is expensive to make loads of gourmet cupcakes and bad for my self-esteem to eat them.

This is one of the only hobbies I have that I feel I am legitimately good at (which I think is fair after earning a degree in it). I use it on Link, in the English classes I sometimes help with, and in relief society.

Another hobby that is just something I spend a lot of time on. Link and Nick are a full time cleaning job and I am a bit anal about having a clean house. If the house is messy I can't sleep or focus on other stuff. This is something I think I need to chill out on but don't know how yet.

Movie Watcher
I'm not as into this as I once was because time is so scarce. When I do get a minute, I tend to watch inspirational crap that makes me bawl because I love being splotchy and congested.

Harder with Link but I still love it and have a list of places that I want to see in the flesh before I die. Canada Ahoy.

And there you have it. A condensed list of my current hobbies. Focus is not one of them. . .

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