Sunday, February 26, 2017

Define Your Dash # 9: What I know About the Day I Was Born

My mom was very sick and did a lot of puking and wondering if my Dad would leave her (he never would have) after so much throw up. They left to go the hospital and my Dad stopped to buy a Mountain Dew. I was born naturally and late in the morning. My Grandma had predicted that I would be born on Labor Day and was correct.

I learned more. My mom was in labor almost all night at home. She slept on the floor in the hall with her feet up in the air against the closet because it was the only comfortable position. She woke my dad up around four and he stopped not once on the way to the hospital, but twice because the first place was closed and he was not able to get any caffeine. I was born late in the morning at the University of Utah Hospital with a room full of people (interns and nurses and people who needed to witness a live birth). My dad may or may not have cried harder when I was born than at any other point in his life. My mom did get an epidural but much to late to do anything (she had taken a class that strongly discouraged them). They didn't know if I was going to be a boy or a girl until I was born. After they left the hospital they stayed with my grandparents for a few days before my Grandma told them they were good and sent them home. My mom cried and cried because she didn't know what to do with a baby. She figured it out and I have wonderful parents.

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  1. I offered your mom 100 dollars NOT to have you on Labor Day. Mother's cannot control the time of her child's arrival.