Sunday, February 19, 2017

Define Your Dash # 8: What Did You Enjoy Doing with Your Father When You Were A Child?

My Dad was a very present figure in my childhood (and is in my adulthood for that matter).
Every once in a while, we would have interviews. Interviews were where we got to spend time with just dad and talk. He asked us questions about school and church and we pretty much got to tell him whatever we wanted. I only remember doing this a handful of times but I thought it was pretty cool to have Dad's full attention for a half hour, or whatever it was. It made me feel important and worth listening to.
I also enjoyed going on hikes and playing frisbee. I was not so good at hiking as a child, but I thought it was a lot of fun when the whole family would pack lunch and go on a grueling one-mile hike on a Saturday.
Dad taught me how to play frisbee, which pretty much became my Saturday night activity in high school. He was very patient and showed me how to throw straight and far. We loved to go to the park for family night and have mini ultimate frisbee matches or just play catch.
Movies are another activity I remember enjoying with my Dad. He likes movies and liked to share the good ones with us. The ones I remember most clearly are Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Minority Report.

  • Star Wars stands out because it is the only time I recall him having me stop playing outside to come inside to watch a show. We had just watched Empire Strikes back and he wanted me to come in and watch Return of the Jedi so I could see how it ended. He was probably disturbed that I really wanted Luke to end up with Leah. 
  • Lord of the Rings came out when I was in Middle School and dad would check me out of school so we could go see them together in the middle of the day. 
  • Minority Report (which I hate) reminds me of my dad because he drove my friends and me to the dollar theater when I was in seventh grade and then stayed to watch the movie with us. It scared me to death (I have always been a wimp when it comes to movies). When he was dropping my friends off after the show he shouted "Run" very loudly at one of them and scared us all to death. If you have seen the movie that makes sense. Run till haunts me. . .
I also remember my dad playing video games and letting us try. I have never been terribly good at video games but I am pretty boss at the original ones that Dad taught us.
I remember family night treats and games and visiting Dad at work. I remember going with him and mom to clean up my grandma's yard every Spring. I remember and enjoyed the many vacations he took us on and getting to stay at all the cool hotels (which I will discuss) in another post.
I think, that when dad was involved, there wasn't a whole lot that I didn't enjoy doing.

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  1. That's a cool post. Your dad really is a neat guy - much like our own dad.
    I remember your mom's concerns over your desires that Luke was a better catch than Han Solo. "Should I tell her that they are brother and sister? or let her find out on her own?"
    I don't remember if she told you or allowed you to discover it on your own.