Sunday, April 16, 2017

Define Your Dash # 16: Favorite Childhood Holiday Traditions

1. I loved presents on Christmas, but I really liked our big Christmas breakfast (which we usually still do). It was the only day of the year we got sausage and bacon and eggs and pancakes and hash browns. We also invited lots of people. Our neighbors would come and sometimes various Conders or Nielsens or Fehrs. It just depended on where we were and where they were at the time.

2. I enjoyed acting out the Christmas story with the Conders (I think I grew weary of being Mary but I look back very fondly on the program.)

3. During the Summer we would always try to go to the drive in movie with all of our friends at least once. Take the blow up mats and cards and food and stay awake (or not) until the second movie was over.

4. Cookout in the mountains during the Summer. We often go to Millcreek once or twice because it reminds my mom of my Grandmother.

5. Ice Cream on MLK day (started as a teenager because Aisha and I thought it said milk day on the calendar ( but its been like 10 years of ice cream now. . .so yeah. . .)

6. Fireworks at Dan and Deri's house in Sandy by the park. As a kid this was quite magical. We had lots of sparklers and home made raspberry ice cream and the famous be safe with fire speech.

7. My mom had a big plant in our living room for years that would sprout candy filled Easter Eggs around Easter. I enjoyed having a candy tree.

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