Sunday, April 9, 2017

Define Your Dash 15: Homes and Apartments

1. I believe I started life in a tiny apartment downtown that my parents helped manage. I think it was minuscule.

2. The first house I remember living in, was a duplex in Holiday that my parents rented for super cheap from my Grandpa's friend Lamar Peterson (1932 E Woodside Dr). He was a nice old man who took good care of us and likde to give us random stuff from DI. He often had very stale snacks at his house (for a long time I thought Cheetos were gross then I realized that his were just old). Mostly I remember playing with Nathan and Sam Conder and having adventures at this house.

3. When I was in first grade we moved to 9000 South. The house my parents still live in. I mostly grew up here. My dad drove me back to Holiday to finish first grade then I made some friends over the summer and started second grade in Sandy. I have lots of fond memories of this house (that are still being made). I always wished that I lived in the neighborhood instead when I was younger though. Living on the busy street away from the day to day action made me feel like an outlier.

4. When college started I moved to the dorms at the University of Utah, Chapel Glen 803 to be exact. I started in the party dorm (because that is where they put scholarship kids). It was awful. One of my room mates was promiscuous and drunk and super irresponsible. There was often puke all over the bathroom, boys in her bed, and random friends of hers in my room. So I switched dorms.

5. I was lucky enough to miss a bus one day and ended up talking to a girl in one of my classes who hater her dorm. Her room mate was just to normal and didn't like that she had her boyfriend in her room all the time. So we decided to switch if we could. IT worked, prayer answered. I ended up in a dorm next to some very active LDS girls and that made all the difference. As a plus the dorm was right across from the Heritage Center so the food was close.

6. Moved back home after one year of the dorms.

7. When I was almost done I lived in Phichit Thailand for a summer above Dr Sucharts theparak clinic.(I have a whole blog about that).

8. Moved home for a few months.

9. Married Nick and moved to my Grandmother's basement at 211 East Twin Peaks Street in Midvale. Lived there for a little less than two years.

10. Moved down the street to my current Midvale house.

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