Sunday, March 5, 2017

Define Your Dash # 10: What are Your Memories of School Lunch

I ate hot lunch during Elementary, a mix in Middle School and cold lunch in High School (usually). I remember early on (maybe first grade) when a teacher was taking counts for hot lunch and cold lunch I was very confused. I didn't realize that cold lunch was brought from home and not a cafeteria option. I couldn't figure out why anyone would want the cold version of the lunch.
In 4th-6th grades, I remember getting to be a lunch server, which I loved. We got to leave class and go to the kitchen and put on fancy gloves and hats and serve our fellow students (fruit cups if we were unlucky and mashed potatoes if we were lucky). If you were extra unlucky, you had to wipe tables.
As a janitor, I remember cleaning ketchup off the walls. . . .nuff said. I also remember eating the free breakfasts and lunches with the little kids during the summer when I was little and when I was 18 working the summer shifts with Franklynna and Alisha.
I middle school I remember sitting with a big group of kids and somehow often longing to be at "the popular table". The food was mediocre and sometimes I would skip lunch one day so I could splurge and buy an ice cream the next day. I also remember kids pretending to be Pokemon right outside the cafeteria in middle school. . .
In high school, the lunches switched every other day and I had some really good lunches with some really good friends and some less desirable lunches that made me feel isolated and alone. I learned that it is important to be friendly and open and willing to have many friends and groups.
As a teacher, school lunch was obnoxious and took far to many minutes of my already to short lunch break. Lunch servers were even worse because then suddenly half of my class was gone and it was pointless to teach anything that I didn't want to reteach the next day.

Side note: My lovely mother made my lunch almost every day (that I took a lunch) from Elementary School through College) then my handsome Husband made it until I quite teaching. I was very spoiled.

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