Sunday, January 22, 2017

Define Your Dash #4: Childhood Hobbies

As a young kid I remember being outside all the time. I spent a lot of time at the Conder's house in their backyard and riding my bike around the neighborhood (or into trees and poles). One time I played hide and seek with my mom so well she thought I was kidnapped or something (that is not as funny to me now as it used to be).
When I got a little bit older I liked to go to the movies with my neighborhood friends. I think there was a span of several years (late elementary early middle school) where we went to the dollar theater almost every weekend.
In the middle of middle school I really enjoyed reading. I remember my mom asking one of my teachers if the amount I read was normal. She assured her I was fine.
Later I really started liking Frisbee. Mainly because this cute boy I liked played it all the time. Nevertheless, I got fairly good at it and convinced a lot of my friends to meet me most Saturdays and play (including said cute boy) at Sandy Elementary. (As a side not this tactic really worked out for my love life.)
Art has also been a hobby on and off throughout my life, I even gave it a go in college. I have never been particularly awesome at it but I have always found it soothing and enjoy the time I spend doing it. I like to experiment with most mediums but I wouldn't say I am a master of any particular one.
I love anything creative and hope to someday be proficient in writing, graphic design, and photography.

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