Sunday, January 15, 2017

Define your Dash #3: Grandparents (Love Stories)

Do you know the story of how your grandparents met and fell in love? 

  • I want to preface this by saying these entries are short and the way I remember them being told. If you have more information or know I am telling them wrong please let me know.
  • My Dad's parents, Gary and Gerrie, met at a church dance in San Francisco while my Grandpa was on shore leave (he was in the navy). My Grandma was the only active member of her family and when they got married, they went to the San Diego Temple with my Grandpa's parents where she went through the initiatories and endowments for the first time before getting married, she also happened to be on a deaf session and thought she need to memorize all the hand signals. After that, it took her a while to go back to the temple because it was such a confusing experience for her. Right after they were married they drove to Salt Lake where they settled down. I asked her why they came to Salt Lake instead of staying in California and she told me that that was just where Gary drove them too (that answer was once she had dementia).
  • My Mom's parents, Reed and Donna, were set up on a blind date that neither of them wanted to go on. My Grandpa happened to be the one who answered the phone when the person who was looking for a date for my Grandma called. And that was pretty much that.

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