Sunday, March 12, 2017

Define Your Dash # 11: Dearest Personal Values

1. Trust God: I believe that God loves me and knows what I need better than I do. I try to go to him with all of my questions and concerns (big and small) and follow his counsel and guidance.

2.Work Hard: I also believe that God helps those that help themselves. I know that when we put our best into everything God can make up the difference and better direct us. I also think that working hard develops character, makes you value the things you earn more than you might if they were given to you, and helps you understand others better.

3. Be Kind and Inclusive: Everyone has a place and can fit in if they are given the chance. As a kid my mom always made me include my siblings in my activities (despite the age gaps) and I have always been grateful (even though I didn't always like it at the time). Being kind and inclusive can get you a long way with a variety of people and kindness is harder to argue with than anger.

4. Never Stop Learning: Whether it is at school, church, home, or in the community, I believe that it is important to continually better ourselves.

5. Be Honest and Forthright: I think honesty in every thing you do is extremely important and I think it is important to not say things about people that you wouldn't be comfortable saying to them. I'm not perfect at this but I think it is important to be the type of person who people can not only count on to have integrity but who they can count on to have their backs or at least not malign them when they aren't present. Maybe be one faced instead of two.

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