Sunday, January 1, 2017

Define Your Dash #1: 2017 Goals

This year I am going to try and write down part of my dash each week for 52 stories. This is one of the challenges on the LDS website and one of my personal goals. The church also provided a list of guiding questions which I am going to try and use when possible. I know it is the third week in January but I am going to start with number one because it is important to me.

Question: What goals do you hope to achieve this year?

Goals are so important to me. Each year of my marriage Nick and I have sat down one of the first family nights of the year and written out our goals. I then tape them to my dresser right next to my bed so that I can see them every morning when I wake up and every night before I pass out. We create goals in categories, together than individually. Throughout the year I check them off because I reread them so often. Some goals are more personal than others but this is kind of what our goal sheet looks like.

Goals 2017

  • Family Nights and Family Councils each Monday
  • Study the Marriage and Family Relations on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Study the Book of Mormon with the BYU videos Monday-Friday



  • Study Christ everywhere
  • Read all of the Sunday School and Relief Society lessons before church
  • Read D&C and study it
  • Go to RS activities when possible
  • Fulfill all callings to the best of my ability
  • Keep up personal blog (journal)


  • Participate in more service opportunities
  • Start some kind of play group in the ward
  • Hike Mt Olympus
  • Make new friends
  • Obtain life insurance and verify a will


  • Do all Fun Pass Activities
  • Date at least once a month (2 x is better)
  • Go camping down south and other places
  • One Family Activity a week (pass, hiking, dinner, etc.)

  • Diet together, help each other make better eating choices.
  • Fewer treats, buy healthier food

  • Eat in moderation

  • Exercise 3x weekly

  • Finish laundry room
  • Fix the bathtub
  • Baby Proof

  • Invest 401k

  • Stick to the budget (log purchases in goodbudget)



  • Learn more about graphic design and photography via lynda and the library
  • Look into taking a class at SLCC with Americorps money

On my copy all of this is filled in, and Nick does have goals I just didn't think I should put his on the interwebs. Hopefully having it out there creates more accountability.

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