Sunday, October 25, 2015

Random memories for the challenge

For the summer challenge I am doing with nick, Ben, and dad, the challenge this week is to write my journal two different memories. One from my childhood and one about a spiritual experience.

1. This one is difficult since the last several posts I have written have to do with a smattering of childhood memories. The one I cam up with is more a of a general idea with some specifics attached. As a kid, and even now some years, my family participated with the conders in their yearly nativity reading. I almost always had to be Mary because when we were younger there was thirteen boys and me. This gave me the chance to be married to several of my cousins and my brother on various years. One year I was Mary, spencer was Joseph, and Ben was baby Jesus. Explain that. Anyway one year Matt was the cow , and this was in the midst of our Nathan rivalry and I knew he was out to cause trouble. I don't remember much since I was five or something but I remember yelling at Nathan, who was Joseph, to "watch out for the cow" in the middle of the story. I think Matt must have charged us, I dunno. Anyway, looking at this that story isn't to entertaining but it is one of those stories that is brought up regularly within our family. That is the story that goes along with it. If someone who was present and older than five at the time wants to improve this, please feel free.

2. I feel like spiritual experiences come more often to me as I have gotten older. They are not necessarily profound or life altering but they are there and they are real. The one that comes to mind happened in Thailand. While we were there, a regular Sunday was spent getting to and from church, it was about eight hours. However, the ward we went to was the most amazing ward. After we had gone the first one or two times, the members just stepped in to help us. We had someone who would come pick us up at the train station, we had people who would translate for us in our various classes, we had people who showed us around town, and the ward began to feed us lunch every week after church so that we wouldn't starve. Throughout the summer my testimony and gratitude grew so much. It was amazing for me to see that the church was the church regardless of the country or language. On one of the last weeks we were there, we had the opportunity to watch the branch president baptize his wife. That was an amazingly profound experience and the spirit was definitely present in that building. 

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  1. There was a year when "Joseph" bailed out on you and so you said his lines. Marj called you a "liberated Mary"