Sunday, October 25, 2015

Personal Progress Faith

I finally Finished my Personal Progress (Aug. 2015) This is the record I kept of the various values.

Value Experience:

1. 11/17/13 This first experience is primarily meant to help people with little faith begin to build it and people with current faith begin to exercise and acknowledge it more regularly. I have always thought that as far as the church goes, faith is one of my strong suites. It is, perhaps, one of the spiritual gifts that I see in myself. I have never doubted the existence of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have never wondered whether or not I have an omnipotent Father in Heaven watching over me. In short, I have faith. However, after beginning the first part of this three week challenge last week (exercise your own faith by establishing a habit of prayer in your life), I have consciously tried to pray morning and night and to ask for a strengthening of my faith. I have asked my Heavenly Father about things this week that I don't normally consider worth asking about. I have tried to turn to him in faith in all important decisions. I still have two weeks left. So far I have felt the spirit more abundantly and have been given the go ahead on several big decisions.

2. Qualities that a women needs to teach her children to have faith and base decisions on gospel truth:
Needs to be living gospel standards.
Needs to have a firm and obvious testimony of the savior.
Needs to be an example of basing decisions on gospel truths.
Live righteously and with faith.

Being righteous, faithful, and following gospel principals can help throughout your life because it provides a list of standards to live by. This makes decision making and righteous living easier because you have already decided how you are going to live and why you are going to live that way. Living that way prior to children will make it easier to live that way and set an example after you have children.

3. This value project has to do with teaching a family home evening lesson that has to do with faith and other principles that are easier to live when faith is present in your life. I taught a lesson to my family in which we reviewed some principles ( repentance, death, tithing, fasting, service, etc.). Then I focused on service. We watched the mormon message "lift" and talked about how we are like the main guy and often think of service in the wrong light. We tend to think we are burdened rather than blessed. We all shared experiences that have strengthened our faith. I'm grateful for my testimony and the faith that I do have. One of my goals is to try to serve more willingly and without complaint.

5. I am grateful for the atonement in my life. I am grateful for the opportunity it gives me to keep trying when I mess up, which is frequently. I am grateful that I have a Brother who loves me enough to take my sins upon himself. As I was reading the scriptures associated witht the atonement I thought it was interesting to read about how generally one man can't take the consequences associated with someone else's sins. However because the atonement is part of the plan, it is all encompassing. Christ is the only one who even had the ability to take our sins and give us the chance to return home. Knowing that he suffered for all of my sins makes me want to do my best to not sin.

Value project:
I created three separate pieces . . .that demonstrate faith in Jesus Christ. The first was a small canvas that said doubt not fear not on top of a silouette of Christ. I plan on hanging it in my office. The second thing I made was a t shirt that says ctr. I will wear it all summer. It is much harder to choose the right if you do not have faith. The third thing I did was put my story seashell city on this blog. This was a story I wrote as an eighth grader to metaphorically talk about the atonement and various peoples take on Christ. I would be one of the people who believed at the end and I will continue to have faith even though I cannot necessarily see the big picture. Between the three projects, I did around ten hours of work.

Random memories for the challenge

For the summer challenge I am doing with nick, Ben, and dad, the challenge this week is to write my journal two different memories. One from my childhood and one about a spiritual experience.

1. This one is difficult since the last several posts I have written have to do with a smattering of childhood memories. The one I cam up with is more a of a general idea with some specifics attached. As a kid, and even now some years, my family participated with the conders in their yearly nativity reading. I almost always had to be Mary because when we were younger there was thirteen boys and me. This gave me the chance to be married to several of my cousins and my brother on various years. One year I was Mary, spencer was Joseph, and Ben was baby Jesus. Explain that. Anyway one year Matt was the cow , and this was in the midst of our Nathan rivalry and I knew he was out to cause trouble. I don't remember much since I was five or something but I remember yelling at Nathan, who was Joseph, to "watch out for the cow" in the middle of the story. I think Matt must have charged us, I dunno. Anyway, looking at this that story isn't to entertaining but it is one of those stories that is brought up regularly within our family. That is the story that goes along with it. If someone who was present and older than five at the time wants to improve this, please feel free.

2. I feel like spiritual experiences come more often to me as I have gotten older. They are not necessarily profound or life altering but they are there and they are real. The one that comes to mind happened in Thailand. While we were there, a regular Sunday was spent getting to and from church, it was about eight hours. However, the ward we went to was the most amazing ward. After we had gone the first one or two times, the members just stepped in to help us. We had someone who would come pick us up at the train station, we had people who would translate for us in our various classes, we had people who showed us around town, and the ward began to feed us lunch every week after church so that we wouldn't starve. Throughout the summer my testimony and gratitude grew so much. It was amazing for me to see that the church was the church regardless of the country or language. On one of the last weeks we were there, we had the opportunity to watch the branch president baptize his wife. That was an amazingly profound experience and the spirit was definitely present in that building.