Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Week Away

     "We're going to have to pull you two off the ride." A handicapped ramp was pushed up next to Nick and we climbed dejectedly off of the Space Mountain shuttle we had been waiting patiently to sit in for forty five minutes. We sadly waved goodbye as the rest of the family, gazing forlornly at us, was whisked off into an unknown adventure.
      "Wait a second, my hat is still on the ride!" Nick said. Looking skeptically at him, the teenager running the ride assured him that they would grab it for him when the shuttle came back around. Another guy then told us that we could get our family when we got off and bring them back in for a second ride, all in the same shuttle. We were then put on a new shuttle and sent out on our own space mission.
     When  we returned back to earth, after our voyage, Nick asked around to see if anyone had grabbed his hat. No one had, but we were once again assured that someone would grab it. We went and got our family and came back in for our second, together, ride. Still no sign of the hat. Then when one of the people explained why we came through the exit the guy who had pulled us off had no recollection of pulling us off. He gave us a slightly dirty look as he put us in a shuttle and an even dirtier look when Nick asked about his hat for the third or fourth time. As we pulled out, and blasted into space, the girl in the control room was looking at Nick like he had killed her pet goldfish.
      By this time we were glad that we got a two for one deal as far as riding the ride went, but Nick was  pretty certain that his favorite Christmas Zelda hat was gone for good. When we pulled into the station for the final time, I glimpsed one of the five workers holding Nick's hat. However as we pulled up he hid it behind his back. Had I not seen it from a distance, we never would have known that he had it. Nick looked him in the eye and asked calmly if he could have the hat back. The guy sighed, yes sighed, and handed it to him very begrudgingly.
      Looking at the whole bizarre incident in retrospect, Nick is fairly sure that the Space Mountain team was pulling a long group con to steal his hat. His theory: the girl in the booth saw his hat, saw him put it in the storage compartment, and signaled the other guy to pull us off of the ride and forget that he had done so. Guy number two's job was to reassure us and put us on a new shuttle and distract us with the possibility of going twice. Guy number three was meant to hide the hat unless Nick all but demanded it back.
      Luckily, Nick has seen Ocean's 11, 12, and 13 and knows all about these group cons. This being the case, he is still the owner of a black Zelda hat. Close call.

      We spent the last week in California, and the majority of it in Disneyland (Nick's first time). First, I need to stress that we are getting quite good at road trips. After the 4000 mile plus wedding venture, getting to California and back was nothing. In fact, we left Friday afternoon after school and drove to Vegas with just one stop. Not to shabby.
       Anyway, I will now back up a bit. Ben is going to go on a mission, we were going to go on a trip to Disneyland once Ben had his mission call. However, there have been various complications involved and my parents didn't want Ben to feel like getting to Disneyland, or not getting there, was his responsibility. So we just decided to go. I think we planned the trip the last week in January for the last week in February. Which for my family, was pretty quick planning. Everything fell into place quite smoothly except for one of Nick's classes. The plan was to leave Friday afternoon and come back the
following Saturday. So we did.

     We drove to Vegas the first night. The next day we went to Huntington Beach and hung out. Sunday we went to church and then drove to the Fairfield Inn right across the street from Disneyland. This is the place to be because then you can just walk over and back whenever you feel like it. (So we did.) We spent three days at Disneyland and California Adventures then drove to the the Newport Coast Villas and spent two days at the beach. We drove back to Vegas on Friday and back home Saturday in time to do our homework and grocery shopping. Now we just have to go back to normal life tomorrow.
      The whole trip was so much fun. Going with Nick was a little bit like going with a kid (I mean that in the best way possible). It was all new and exciting for him and he had more fun than I think he

expected to have. I got to watch him build a lightsaber (and use it repeatedly, primarily when fighting with Ben who also built a lightsaber). I watched him pick out all of the Lego's he wanted, eat a churro, enjoy fantasmic, try all of the rides, and watch Aladdin. It was also fun to be with my family. I feel
lucky to belong in a family that genuinely likes to be together. Even though we are all grown up and can do what we want to do, we pretty much stuck together and enjoyed each others company and conspiracy theories.
     My dad's favorite ride is The Tower of Terror. So, one morning were rode it three times in a row just because we could. (I think it took us over an
hour to ride it three times, the lines there are ridiculous even in February). I watched Candace watch the parade (twice) and wave her heart out to all the characters. I also watched her search for Peter Pan for two days. Ben bought himself an Indiana Jones hat and wore it around the park for the remainder of the trip    
 (Candace wore it to the beach as a fashion statement later). He also tried Screamin Over California and actually liked it Mom pretty much just soaked Disneyland and being with the family up. I think Disneyland is good for her soul. I enjoyed not worrying about normal things for a week, being with my family, building a sandcastle, and playing my heart out. That ended abruptly yesterday as I checked my work e-mail, paid the bills, and counted up missing homework assignments (my own). But I wouldn't trade the reprieve for anything.