Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Year

Well posterity, I did a fairly terrible job of blogging last year. Therefore I will now give you a brief synopsis of important events from 2014. Nick graduated with his fist associates degree (generals) and almost has his second one in computer science, got put into the stake young mens presidency (second counselor), and fixed the backyard. I finished my second year of teaching, started my third, and still am working on my gifted endorsement. I am also still working with the young women in my ward.
At the beginning of this month, well near the beginning of this month (January, not February), Nick and I sat down and set several goals that we want to meet this year. We do this every January as we review the previous years goals. The goals fall into categories that range from personal, to physical, to spiritual, to work related. Some of our goals this year include, me getting my endorsement, Nick finding an internship, reading at least 25 books, exercising 3-4 times a week, four months with limited sugar, reading the New Testament, finding missionary experiences, and going to the temple monthly. I also made a goal to blog at least once a month since this is the only thing close to journaling that I do. So here goes January (yes I know it is February).
First of all, I need to say that Nick and I are extremely lucky to be blessed with such wonderful families. The weeks before and of Christmas we attended four or five different Christmas parties with our families, extended families, and friends. At the time I was having a hard time with all of the gatherings because I am not much of a party person. At best I like my social gatherings small. However, having had a month to recover from everything, I am grateful that we have so many people in our lives that love us. The weekend after Christmas, we went with my parents to Arizona to see my Grandpa, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Nick and I are actually quite good at traveling in the back of my parents van, having gone on at least five road trips with them since getting married. We are lucky that they are willing to take us with them, otherwise we wouldn't travel nearly as much as we do. Anyway we made the 12 hour, 666 mile, drive to Mesa without incident or even blinking (the last road trip was over 4000 miles). We spent a wonderful week eating delicious food, playing with cousins, and generally feeding our souls (as my aunt put it). We made it home just in time to go back to school. The month was then fairly uneventful until this last week.
Nick had a friend contact him about a possible internship earlier in the month, he then took a competency test, and waited for a call. This last week, he was called in for an interview and immediately offered the internship, which is paid. This is a huge blessing for us because we hit the point this last year where we were no longer getting government grants due to the fact that I am a rich teacher. SLCC tuition was doable though it pretty much halted any accumulation of savings. Weber tuition, however, was slowly starting to drain the savings account. This internship will be just enough to pay his tuition, and get back the money that we recently spent fixing his car, and give him a really good resume if and when he starts looking for a different job. However, it doesn't sound like he has to be in a hurry to be done with it. There is room to move to a full time position with benefits later if everything works out. Having now worked a total of three days, he is excited to be making money again and to have something other than endless homework to spend his days on.
Oh, I forgot, Nick also agreed to help me co-teach a technology class at my school for fifth and sixth graders in the after school program. Spending time with him in a professional capacity has been fun and I think we have opened up all kinds of possibilities for the kids in our class. It's amazing how little they know about the internet and computers in general.
Anyway, the year is off to a good start, between the two of us, we have already met four of our twenty-nine goals!

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