Sunday, August 17, 2014

Do you remember when . . Part 2

1. Last weekend the book club and attempted to go camping at Granite Flats. Book clubs are not meant to camp successfully. If it wasn't so much fun, I would vote we stick to reading from now on. Quick background: Jana and I started this book club about a year ago. Very few of the people who initially started the club are still coming but it has gained a lot of new people and evolved quite a bit. Anyway, Alisha, Nick, and I left Friday around noon and drove up to the lake under the Granite Flats camp ground. We had a lovely picnic while waiting for our check in time. When it was almost two we drove up to the camp ground only to find that it was full. The website was misleading and we found ourselves campsiteless. We drove back down the canyon to get some service and warn Nathan, Karli, and Matthew not to go up there. The three of us then spent a good twenty minutes on the side of the road brainstorming other options and looking up camp sites. We ended up calling Utah Lake State Park and found out that they had some available sites. We found I nice hot place to camp and realized that we were all dressed for the wrong type of camping. Shortly after arriving Nathan and Matthew showed up. One of things I wanted to do while camping was go on a hike. We ended up going on a rather smelly walk around the lake and its parking lots instead.  When we got back we played several games while Nick made us chicken pot pie in a Dutch oven. During dinner Karli showed up and we continued to play games until it got to dark. We then made delicious smores and played games that didn't require light. Around 12:30 we finally put out the fire and went to bed. I shared a tent with the boys and Alisha and Karli shared a tent. The next morning for breakfast we had French toast with peanut butter and jelly and decided we were going to drive up the canyon and go on a hike. We decided on Big Cottonwood Canyon because we were headed home anyway. We stopped at my house, Nick and Matthew both managed to shower before we left and we went to Cafe Rio for some lunch. When we finally made it up the canyon we realized that the Tour de Utah was happening and that the canyon was completely blocked off. At that point we decided we were not meant to hike and called it a trip.

2. Before Nick left on his mission but after high school 5 of us went to a corn maze in October. It ended up being a double date + Franklynn which he was super thrilled about. Nick and I were holding hands, Alisha and her "date" were holding hands, and Franklynn was leading us through the maze. At one point Alisha's date told Franklynn  to choose the right and go straight. We were not sure whether he meant to say it like that or not but we had a good laugh.

3. When I was 14ish I got to participate in the Day of Celebration at Rice Eccles Stadium. Having not been willing to go to the many required practices I did not get to be in the choir, however, I did get to be a flag carrier. Flag carriers only had to go to one practice which I think was the same day as the big performance. I had a maroon flag which I thought was awesome because it was Jordan High School's color. The night of the performance, I rode up with Spencer, Ashton (my future brother-in-law), and Ashton's friend. After putting the flags around the edge of the arena we were supposed to find seats. Somehow I ended up sitting right in front of Nick (what are the odds, I was sure that was some kind of sign since I had a huge crush on him). After the program we went home in the same car. On the way home Ashton told us the whole story of War of the Worlds with actions, Spencer managed to break a glow-stick all over himself and the car, we ran two red lights, and someone called the number on the car next to us in traffic to ask how much it was.

4. In college I worked at the University Campus Bookstore with a whole bunch of boys. Sujal was one of my bookstore buddies, in fact the only one I'm still in regular contact with. One time I went over to his house and we watched a Bollywood movie. I don't even remember what it was called. That was my first Bollywood movie and the watching of it led to several Bollywood nights.

5. In high school (and sometimes college) Franklynn used to sleep through entire classes/lectures. He would then sit up and do the homework faster than me and Alisha (who had been listening).

6. When I was 4 or 5 one of my cousins and I did not get along. We were always fighting over who was better friends with Nathan. Nathan was very popular what can I say. Anyway one day I had had it with him and ended up wrestling him to the ground in a room full of adults. I remember one of his uncles saying, "come on _____you are getting beat up by a girl". In retrospect I find it a little weird that all the adults just let me beat him up. I must not have been to violent. Or, maybe he really deserved it.

7. We had an assignment in my AP World History class to take pictures of a whole bunch of different religious buildings downtown and display them in a creative way. Tara and I were partners but somehow managed to drag Ben, Candace, and Alisha along on our photo-shoot. Also, we wore dress up in half the pictures. I don't know why. The dress ups included, a silky flower shirt, a big black robe, and a safari hat.

8. When I was in college Ben, Ben's friends, and I snuck a full meal into the dollar theatre on a crowded Saturday night. It consisted of a full pan of lasagna, french bread, a cake, a two liter bottle of soda, and all the dishes necessary (including a spatula). A rather large boy sat next to Gregor and practically drooled through the whole movie.

9. When I turned 12 or 13 we went to Dion's for my birthday. Dion's was a pizza place where you could watch them make the pizzas in the back and get a shirt. There were a lot of people there and for several years after I saw Dion's shirts make an appearance on my family and fiends regularly.

10. When I turned 14 I had a bog party in my backyard. I don't remember to much except Franklynn and Tasha running through the lilac bushes pretending to be Legolas. I think that's recorded somewhere.

11. When I worked at the bookstore, I got asked out twice by customers. Both dates were on campus between classes because neither of them lived anywhere near me. The first one was at the bowling alley in the union. This guy had the weirdest rules for bowling that I had ever heard. By the end of the date I couldn't get to trax fast enough. The second date was frisbee golf up by the medical trax station. That guy was much nicer and the date was more fun but nothing really happened.

12. During my senior year, we had an epic pudding fight at Draper Park. It ended with hose showers and a movie.

13. In 7th grade Karin climbed into my locker to show us that she could fit and Franklynn immediately slammed it closed. The bell then rang which caused me to panic while I was trying to open it. We barely made it to class.

14. During family fun week + Alisha we decided to go on a hike. This was during college and I was not the hiker I am today. We drove up Little Cottonwood and realized that their was to much traffic to make it to Cecret Lake. We pulled over to do a different hike that no one knew much about. It was the White Pine Trail and ended up being 9 miles round trip. We probably could have done it had we been prepared but we didn't have enough water, food, or time. At the top of the mountain I remember everyone eating out of this giant bag of craisens, no one even liked craisens. When we were finally done we stopped at the Wendy's on the way home and all sat there eating in painful silence. Then several of us had to go to work. That day is now affectionally known as the hike from hell.

15. When I was six I was in a dance class, I know weird. I hated it. I used to kick my shoe off on purpose, slowly walk over to retrieve it, pretend that there was something in it, fake finding the fake something in my shoe, carefully put it back on, and viola I missed the whole dance :)

16. In my singles ward, I used to go Jana husband hunting (mainly because she would roll her eyes at me). I would threaten to shoot prospective matches with my hair tie and blame her. I figured when she had to explain herself to said man, marital bliss would ensue.

17. I went to a wedding reception in Springville with one of my friends during college. A blizzard started at some point during the reception and as we left the roads were super scary. Traffic was bumper to bumper most of the way home which was nice cause I figured at least we couldn't go to fast. I was never so sure that I was going to die in a car. The rest of the night was fun but that car ride is what I remember.

18. For several years, Jana and I would make an effort to go to the Jon Schmidt concert at Gateway on the weekend after Thanksgiving. We would watch till it was to cold then go into Barnes and Nobel and take pictures with the life size Josh Groban cutout.

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  1. Blog comment to Whitney
    Those darn book clubs – good intentions. But I’ve never belonged to one that’s lasted more than a year.
    6. I remember when you and Nathan dressed up to the extreme – both wearing dresses, hats, and whatever else “went” with the outfit. The cousin pictured was not as brave with the entire dress up attire; He wore beads on a string. I took pictures of the three of you. I believe they are on the front page of one of the albums I gave to your mom

    9 my boys had their dion pizza shirts until they fell apart
    15 your mom traded favors to get you into that dance class