Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mule Hollow / Hiking List

So, we like to hike. Didn't realize quite how much until recently, but we are trying to act on that like since it is a healthy one. About a week ago, Nick and I went hiking with Mom. We went to the Mule Hollow Trail since it was closer to the bottom of the mountain. It is net a well kept trail. The plants cover the path and hit you all the way up to your neck. Anyway, it was a workout climb. Fairly steep, rather hard to find. We didn't even get to the end because we got to the point where we couldn't find the trail anymore. Then, on the way down Nick reached back to grab my hand and help me over something. That was good cause I tripped right about then and sort of stamped on the ground (much like you do when you trip and catch yourself...). That was good because the rattlesnake that was less than two feet in front of Nick fell off the trail and into the water when I stamped. That was good cause neither of us saw it until it fell. A little bit shaken up and more wary we continued down. Near the end we saw a tarantula wandering around (my first wild tarantula siting). I did not take it well. We made it past him, however, and got to the bottom ready for our next hike.

Im going to start listing the hikes we do this summer.
1. Bells Canyon
2. Mule Hollow
3. Donut Falls
4. Red Potato Trail
5. Silver Lake
6.Twin Lakes
7. Mt. Aire
8. Lake Mary, Martha, and Catherine and up to Sunrise Peak
9. Albion Meadows (x2) and Cecret Lake
10. Timpanogas cave
12.weird camp hike
13. Butler fork
14. Red pine
15. Red pine second lake
16. 1/2 Catherine pass
17. Snowbird Tram Hike (after school started)

School starts tomorrow, so I guess Summer is over, (the fun part anyway). Last night, Nick and I went on our end of summer date. We went to Sizzler and got the steak and endless shrimp. According to our estimations, Nick ate upwards of eighty shrimp. Then we drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon to star gaze, something we had not ever done together. Nick brought his backpacking bag stuffed with two sleeping bags and the air mattress. We got up the canyon when it was still light so we decided to hike until the sun went down. Now, I would say it says a lot about the current shape we are in that we were able to hike for a mile without breaking a sweat after eating endless shrimp. Anyway, while we were hiking we found the perfect stargazing spot. When the sun went down we hiked back to the car, got the stuff, hiked back to the perfect spot, and set up our luxury bed. I took off my shoes and climbed in with Nick and we watched the stars come out. The first and brightest star of the night was Vega. It was so fun just to talk, and eat chocolate, and watch shooting stars. It was very peaceful and I almost fell asleep. At one point Nick asked when I wanted to go. We decided that we would go after we saw one more shooting star (if it happened within the next twenty minutes). I looked up at Vega and said the satr rhyme, "Star light, star bright, first star I saw tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might see another shooting star before I go home". The second I finished, a very long, bright, shooting star arched across the sky. Nick and I looked at each other and decided that that was our sign to clean up. We put everything away, except my sleeping bag (I wore it) and hiked back to the car in the dark.

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