Sunday, November 10, 2013

Personal Progress

    Having successfully taught my education lesson to the young women today, I find myself needing to take my own advice as far as spiritual education goes. I read church material regularly. Really studying it, however, is another matter entirely. In order to study and connect to my young women, I have decided I am going to complete my personal progress book again.
Personal Progress Book

    If I have any former young women leaders reading this they might be chuckling to themselves right about now. I was really a rather stubborn young woman when it came to personal progress.
    Flashback. As a kid, I didn't particularly like to go to achievement days. I didn't necessarily care for structured social interaction and I would have rather been at home reading. Nevertheless, I went when my mother insisted. I had a lot of good leaders and I met a lot of the girls I would grow up with. Then, when I turned 12 I tried to learn the young women ropes quickly. Our young women's program was very small. There were about eight of us (all three levels) on average from the time I was 12 to the time I was 18. There were several of us who were consistently at church and regularly at young women. Throughout the years we rotated through callings. Karina was the president, then she would graduate, then I would be the president, then I would graduate, then so and so would be the president etc. I liked most of the girls I was in young women with. Some of the best friends I had in middle school were in my young women class. However, overall, I did not care for young womens anymore than I cared for achievement days.
     I went because my parents liked me to go and I figured that there were worse ways I could be spending my time. But it was hard. I often felt like I didn't fit in. I wasn't boy crazy like a lot of the other girls, I didn't like scary movies, I had little interest in going to the dances, and I certainly didn't want to sneak out and doorbell ditch. I had my own place amongst them but I usually felt like a loner. There were a few good years in the middle where we were all tight but high school hit and we separated. Anyway the point is, I thought personal progress was worth while while I was in young womens. But, I wouldn't let anybody be involved in it more than absolutely necessary.
     In the personal progress book, there are sections that each have experiences and projects that need to be completed. When one is complete, the young women are supposed to pass it off with a parent or leader. As a teenager I decided that even if it cost me the medallion (that young women get when they complete the personal progress book) I wasn't going to let any adult sign me off on anything. As far as I was concerned personal progress was personal. Personal meant you didn't have to share with others. So, I did my entire personal progress book without to much outside help. We did do stuff at activities that went along with some of the values but I never let anyone sign me off. (I think I did get a medallion, one of my leaders, I suspect my mother, must have taken pity on me.)
    I think I had it half right. Looking back on my book, my own signature next to everything, I am proud to say that I did it and that I did it on my own without the expectation of a reward. What I didn't get then, and still have a difficult time with now, is the fact that the program was set up by people called of God. Even if doing it on my own made sense, I should have been willing to follow the guidelines simply because they were the guidelines.
    I am often stubborn and sure that I am right, I think there is a whole post about that, and sometimes it is difficult for me to take counsel. This is a goal I have currently. I want to be able to be humble and respectful. Willing to follow the counsel and plans that others make. I have defiance and independence down, now its time to master the other half of the spectrum.
    Wish me luck this second time around. I plan on blogging my experiences. Also, I can sign off my own goals legitimately now because I am a leader :)
    Leaders, thank you for being patient with me.

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