Sunday, October 27, 2013

Never to Late

This weekend I had the pleasure of being a kid again when I went to Arches with my parents and Candace. As I watched my mom tackle our miles and miles of hiking I learned several important things.
    Before I start the story, I want to back up a bit. My mom has worked her butt of this summer. She ran all the time to train for the color run (she is much more persistent than I am). And, she hiked almost
every weekend all summer (some of the hikes were really difficult). She told me on one of our many summer hikes that she finally decided that the key to having an active lifestyle was to have an active lifestyle. So, she did. When the summer started she had a difficult time with a lot of the hikes, by the end she could practically run up the mountain.
   I need to back up once more, even further. When I was 15 my whole family went to Arches National Park. I enjoyed it but didn't remember too much. The coolest part, I always thought, was walking on a fin by Double O Arch. For years, this is what we (My dad, Spencer, and I) reminisced about. Candace was 6 and was with us and we were scared to death that she was going to walk off this fin. Now, my mother, because she was being a good mother did not go on this part of the hike with us. My brother Ben, had had it by the time we got to that hike and sat down a log refusing to go another step. My mom stayed with him (sidenote: Ben was wearing a Darth Vader helmet the whole time we were there but that is another story).
Mom on the Fin
   Anyway, for years my mom wanted to go back and do this hike. The fin hike. I think both my parents just figured they would wait till we were a bit older. Unfortunately, certain members of my family didn't like hiking no matter how old they got. So we didn't go back and finish that hike.
     Fast-forward (it has been nine years), after my mom's summer of hiking she decided she wanted to go do that seven mile loop with or without the whole family. Those of us who wanted to/could go cleared our schedules and we went this weekend.
    My mom did such a good job. I know parts of it scared her and I know parts of it were physically demanding but she did the whole thing. From this, I learned, that it is never to late to fulfill your goals. I also learned, that it is important to do everything you can to make sure you don't have too many regrets.

Arches Travelogue: For posterity of course :)
On top of Double O
     My parents, Candace, and I drove to Moab early Thursday morning and went straight to the seven mile loop. We hiked it like bosses (the fin was far less impressive than I remembered it being, possibly
because I wasn't worried about Candace walking off of it this time around). Candace and I climbed on top of Double O arch (nearly gave me a heart attack). We also stalked some hikers who looked like they knew what they were doing and walked down a wall.
Delicate Arch
     The next day, we did the delicate arch hike, sandstone arch, broken arch, and random hitchhiking moment in a campsite. The best part was when we
finally got up to the top of delicate arch. I made some remark to Candace about that being the actual arch and she looked over and kind of gasped because she hadn't seen it before. In other news, I climbed on top of Sandstone Arch and we also did a lot of downhill speed-walking.
     The last day Candace, Dad, and I went through the Fiery Furnace with Ranger Kate and a swarm of old people. That is the type of place I would want to get a permit for. There were so many rocks just asking to be climbed. Anyway, whilst in the Fiery Furnace Candace got stuck no less than three times and shushed by a grumpy old lady during a shrimp lecture. After the Furnace we did a few more hikes and headed home.
    Throughout the trip I read "The Fault in our Stars" every time we were in the car. This resulted in me crying in the backseat for the better part of the trip home. I just kept thinking to myself. If only they had the gospel. This undeniably proves that I am my mothers daughter. And, the older I get, the more I think that that is a blessing. She is amazing, there would be nothing better than to grow up and be just like her :)
  Sidenote: I learned stuff from my dad too. Like, it's okay to change your clothes anywhere in the
wilderness (including the parking lot).

I have fantastic parents :) (and a fantastic Candace).

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  1. I love your mom and her wisdom. I wish she would do a blog. Our family has been so awesomely blessed since your dad and your mom got together. All six of you (7 with Nick) are an incredible part of our family