Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tales of an Art Major

Senior Art Project (Change A Classic)

    I grew up on art. Both of my parents are artistic in different ways and I grew up doing projects. I was encouraged to create and had plenty of opportunities to try different medias. This led to me circling the art credit in just about every schedule I ever had to fill out. Seventh and tenth grade art were not helpful or impressive but I enjoyed them and got some perspective. Eleventh and twelfth grade art taught me a lot and gave me the chance to see what kinds of talents I might have. I don't know at what point I decided to try to make a career out of it because I certainly wasn't anywhere near the top of my art classes. 
Double Ben

Alisha and I

 I think it was partially a spur of the moment decision when at my freshman orientation we spilt into different colleges. I was with Franklynn and before I knew it we were both in the art/architecture building (ironically the ugliest, most depressing building on campus) getting the low down on our artistic futures and the freshman expectations. Two full semesters of 3D art, 2D art, and a whole lot of art theory.
Wood Project
   Now I run the risk of offending people, but from my experience the majority of people majoring in art at the U are a bit...out there. Having grown up in Sandy Utah I just wasn't prepared for the variety of people I was suddenly with constantly. I also wasn't prepared for the many MANY things that apparently passed for art. I learned/saw things in my modern art class that I thought were well out of the bounds of art and decency. I  learned more about the Kama Sutra then I ever cared to know in my Far Eastern art class. And, I nearly chopped my finger off with the table saw in my 8:00 am 3D art class. I made art with garbage, I burned my fingers with hot glue and plaster, I watched Franklynn make a project so big that it took both of us to move it, I learned how to cut and shape sheet metal, I made a paper mache tombstone, I made videos, I used photoshop, and I watched one of my teachers dance with a tree.

Trash Project (Can you spot the razor blade?)
  For the most part my art education was very informative but rather useless. Mainly based on the fact that I was planning on going into graphic design. NOT metal work, wood work, garbage work, filmmaking, or plaster.
Me (Chuck Close Style)
   Luckily, I loved my 2D class. I wasn't particularly good, especially compared to my eccentric classmates who lived and breathed creativity (possibly on another planet). But, I got better as the year progressed. It was nice to be learning how to do something better. To feel like I was moving forward. That class was, hands down, the highlight of my "studies". There was nothing like getting lost in a drawing and a book on CD. I could draw and listen for hours.
Still Life # six trillion w creepy mask
Nick early attempt
Pencil and Charcoal
   Near the end of the year, I finally realized that I wasn't going to make a career out of art nor did I want to. I had one other required freshman class. It was called LEAP and it was fine arts focused but meant to help the newbies get to know a group of people. I hated the class but we had the opportunity to work with a group of kids to create a play. I was in charge of the set and had the chance to help those kids design props. I realized then, that the only thing I liked more than the art itself was showing someone else how to do it. So, I changed my major to teaching. At the time I held the firm belief that even if I couldn't teach art I would at least have some variety in my future academic endeavors and job. I was right.
Still life homework
Trees on Campus
   I have plenty of variety, I feel like I am making a difference, I still get to draw and listen to books on CD. I am also happy to report that I love my job even though it sometimes seems impossible.

The Temple (My favorite)
White Pencil

And now, in my second year of teaching, I get to teach the after school art program. :)

And yeah, the art is all over my walls in glorious chaos.

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  1. you may not have enjoyed all the aspects of art; nor do I. I did like your "banana man" video that you set to Horace Whimp. I thought you did an awesome job.