Friday, August 16, 2013


So yesterday, I found myself walking down a touristy beach street in Oregon for the second time this week. I already had my souvenir as did Nick and Candace. We were basically window shopping with the intent to buy nothing while we waited for Ben to find whatever it was that he was looking for. That being said touristy beaches have all kinds of treat places. These Oregon beaches seem to specialize in salt water taffy and Tillamook ice cream. My intent to buy nothing turned into an intent to buy something delicious. I spotted a little treat shop that I wanted to peruse and began to approach when from behind me Candace said in a too loud, high pitched, voice "Candy!"
   Inside the candy shop the bored looking clerk bounced out of his chair and stared intently at us through the door. It was kind of a scary stare haloed by his blond fro. At that point, we all decided that we no longer wanted to go in. We casually stepped into the next store where Candace informed us that she did not even mean to say "candy" out loud. Lesson learned.

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