Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Salt in the Cookies

     When I was about 15, I was assigned to speak in sacrament meeting. My topic was supposed to be good works (as in the young woman value), unfortunately, the topic paper I was given actually said good wood. Being the smart aleck that I was, I gave a talk on good wood. Noah's ark had good wood, Nephi's ship was made of good wood, Jesus was a carpenter so he knew all about good wood etc. The best part about my, what I thought was ingenious, talk was that it was actually about good works. I think I left the bishopric surprised, if nothing else.
     After that talk, I feel that I was assigned to speak rather a lot for a teenager. This is probably not true but it felt like a lot of times when my body was generally more nervous than I was. No one likes to develop a twitch in the middle of a public appearance. Anyway, for the remainder of my time in that ward I was not assigned what one might call a normal topic.
     The talk following "Good Wood" was entitled "The Salt in the Cookies". The world was my oyster. Oh, the things I could do with a title like that. I pondered and decided that my talk would indirectly be about filling life with meaningful things and not forgetting things that are important (like salt in cookies).
     I got up to speak, developed my creepy leg twitch, and talked about the utmost importance of that dash of salt. Salt in cookies may not sound good but without it the cookie isn't the same. It is to sweet. At some dramatic juncture in my talk I pulled out a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie that I insisted the second counselor (AKA the assigner of talks) eat right on the stand in the middle of sacrament meeting.
    Rewind. The night before I had said, "Mom I need to feed Ryan a cookie since he gave me this talk." She told me that there was some uncooked mint chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge. The dough was sort of green....

   Back to sacrament meeting. Ryan stood up looked skeptically at the cookie, then at the Bishop, then took a bite. "Well," I asked, "Is there salt in this cookie?"
    I have always wondered if he could tell or not or if he was just saying what he thought I had planned for him to say. He said yes. Which was correct. But it was a pretty minty cookie....Whatever the case, my talk finished as planned with all of my t's crossed and my i's dotted. I assume Ryan finished the cookie after church because the next topic he gave me was Divinity Nature.
    I didn't give him any divinity.

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  1. I'm glad you mentioned your "good wood" talk. I thought it would make a nice post for your blog. I was even going to suggest it to you. You are so gifted with words. I follow a lot of bloggers who are.